Create New Post

To add new post go to Posts->Add New.

Set post title and add main content in editor window. Also try to describe some short post information in Excerpt field this text will appear in Standard blog list view under title and/or image.

Next step is attach featured image to post. Try to keep all post with featured images. It is better user experience approach, but anyway we designed both situations with/without image.

Next important option is Post Format, choose one of the following formats in format meta box.

For better data structure WordPress has Categories and Tags for blog post. If it needed assign post to some categories and tags.

Now lets setup how post will be displayed in Grid blog list view. Post could have few states in grid layout:

  • horizontal layout, block will appear as horizontal rectangle in 2:1 ration
  • square layout, 1:1 ratio
  • vertical layout, 1:2 ratio


To set post view in grid choose option in Post Layout metabox




Option Make Post as Featured will increase post box in blog grid.


Also Brooks provided small analytics functionality with posts views and likes counters, you could see this information on the post admin page, you also could edit this numbers but I recommend you use it in analytics goals.